Impossible Salt tells stories to make us thirst for the truth behind the fantastical. This ensemble of musical storytellers creates original work inspired by folk and fairy tales. 

Fairy tales aren't always about happily ever after. Sometimes, they're just sad and scary and strange. . . .There is singing, but it doesn't feel like a musical. There's acting, but it doesn't feel like a play. There's dancing, but it doesn't feel like a dance show. Instead, it feels like something ancient unfolding, something between a story and a dream. 

- Audience review

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Upcoming Events

Kids' Performance Lab - 
February 17, 2018

Join your favorite Salties for a morning of make believe! Kids of all ages (including parents!) will meet classic and unexpected fairy tale characters, and will get to join the story themselves. What better way to spend a Saturday morning in February?

The wishing Skin -
April 29, 2018

By popular demand, Impossible Salt and pianists Irina & Julia Elkina revive their unique production of The Wishing Skin for the MacPhail Spotlight Series in Lakeville, MN. Experience Brahms' lively Hungarian Dances as you've never heard—or seen—them before!