Once upon a time, Abel and Ada, a humble-but-happy couple, lived modestly at the edge of the forest. One day, while Abel is chopping wood for the winter fires, a saucy rabbit appears and offers him a gift: a beautiful garment made of wishes and woven by the fairies of the forest. Suddenly, Abel and Ada’s once-fulfilling life seems somewhat . . . small.

Impossible Salt presents THE WISHING SKIN, a Hungarian folktale that gives hilarious and timely illustration to the expression, “be careful what you wish for.” This fresh take on a centuries-old tale is told in Impossible Salt’s wild, improvisational, truthful style.

DIRECTOR: Emilia Seay Allen

CAST (April performance): Parker Genné & Sean Hansberry

CAST(June performances): Parker Genné & Amber Lee Olivier

INSTRUMENTALISTS (April performance): Julia & Irina Elkina

INSTRUMENTALISTS (June performances): Frances Olson & Jonah Rees


PUPPETMAKER: Amber Lee Olivier

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Northenscold


  • MacPhail Spotlight Series, MacPhail Center for Music, Minneapolis, MN
  • Bryant-Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, MN