Impossible Salt tells stories to make us thirst for the truth behind the fantastical. This ensemble of musical storytellers creates original work inspired by folk and fairy tales. 

Fairy tales aren't always about happily ever after. Sometimes, they're just sad and scary and strange. . . .There is singing, but it doesn't feel like a musical. There's acting, but it doesn't feel like a play. There's dancing, but it doesn't feel like a dance show. Instead, it feels like something ancient unfolding, something between a story and a dream. 

- Audience review

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Upcoming Events


BElwin Conservancy's
10th Annual Bison Release
May 19, 2018

Join us on the prairie as Impossible Salt and other arts organizations celebrate the return of Belwin's bison herd to its summer grazing grounds with songs, stories, and imaginatively represented horns. You've never experienced anything like this (neither have we)!

Cocktails at the Castle @ ASI
June 1, 2018

Kick off summer in style! The American Swedish Institute kicks off its exhibition of Finish ceramic artist Kim Simonsson's Fantastical World, and IS will be on hand to bring the magic to life. 


The Thorp Building
620 Central Avenue NE
August 2 - 12, 2018

Impossible Salt brings our wild stylings to MN's largest theatre festival this summer! The twists and turns of the curious Thorp building are transformed into the Underworld as we guide a few adventurous "souls" through death. Turns out the ancient Egyptians mostly got it right, so watch out for crocodiles and be sure to pet the cat—reverentially—on your way to eternal rest.



And check back here for some giant news about our fall plans!