Impossible Salt tells stories to make all of us—audience & artists alike—thirst for the truth beneath the fantastical. This troupe of roving musical storytellers creates original work inspired by folk tales. 

Fairy tales aren't always about happily ever after. Sometimes, they're just sad and scary and strange. . . .There is singing,
but it doesn't feel like a musical. There's acting, but it doesn't feel like a play. There's dancing, but it doesn't feel like a
dance show. Instead, it feels like something ancient unfolding, something between a story and a dream. 

- Audience review

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 Photo courtesy James Orione.

Photo courtesy James Orione.


What could cause a creature as fearsome as a giant to remove his own heart from his body? 
What becomes of him without his Heart? And what becomes of his Heart without him?

These questions inspire Impossible Salt’s beautiful and haunting exploration of this ancient tale, known as “The Troll With No Heart in His Body” in Norway, “Koschei the Immortal” in Russia, “Punchkin the Magician” in India, and by still other names in Scotland, Hungary, and elsewhere. 
Even (or perhaps especially) in the United States in 2018, the specter of a monster made invulnerable by his own unthinkable actions continues to captivate us, and demands our attention.

Revived for the Halloween season, HEARTLESS is Impossible Salt’s deepest dive yet into the fear, desperation, and violence that dwell—where else?—in the human heart.

Featuring Parker Genné, Sean Hansberry, & Boo Segersin
Music written, arranged, and performed by Joseph Yé
Designs by Ashley Burdash
Directed by Emilia Seay Allen

October 18, 20, 25-27, 29, & 31, 8pm
@ Nautilus Music-Theater, 308 E. Prince Street #190, St. Paul 

with a special 7pm, October 19 performance and discussion
presented by the MN Jung Association
@ the Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul


Gorgeous header photo courtesy Max Haynes, Event Photographer.