Impossible Salt

Impossible Salt (IS) tells stories to make all of us—artist and audience alike—thirst for the truth beneath the fantastical. We are a diverse, woman-led troupe of roving musical storytellers who create original work inspired by folk tales. Impossible Salt productions are peopled with unexpected characters, embodied by fiercely talented performers who defy gender, racial, and body type standards. We sketch the worlds we inhabit with spare, artfully designed words, sets, props, and costumes, inviting the audience to complete the creation in their own imaginations long after the performance is done.

Our History

Impossible Salt was founded in 2014 by Emilia Seay Allen & Parker Genné, both trained opera singers who yearned for a more organic and magical way to tell stories through music. In 2019, longtime company members Ashley Burdash, Sean Hansberry, and Gregory Parks stepped into the role of artistic advisors, reflecting IS’ collaborative structure. IS has created seven original productions to date: TATTERHOOD, HEARTLESS, THE STRANGER for the American Swedish Institute (ASI), THE PROTECTOR OF OSMIR, THE WISHING SKIN for MacPhail Center for Music, WISE ONE for ASI, and THE MEMBER OF SOME GODS in the MN Fringe Festival 2018, along with numerous storytelling and pop-up performances and teaching residencies.

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