Impossible Salt tells stories to make all of us—audience & artists alike—thirst for the truth beneath the fantastical. This troupe of roving musical storytellers creates original work inspired by folk tales. 

Fairy tales aren't always about happily ever after. Sometimes, they're just sad and scary and strange. . . .There is singing,
but it doesn't feel like a musical. There's acting, but it doesn't feel like a play. There's dancing, but it doesn't feel like a
dance show. Instead, it feels like something ancient unfolding, something between a story and a dream. 

- Audience review

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Fables & Folklore with Mesabi Symphony Orchestra

In April, we’re headed to the Iron Range! We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Mesabi Symphony Orchestra to bring Edvard Grieg’s colorful and iconic Peer Gynt Suite to life. Sunday, April 28, 7pm, Goodman Auditorium, Virginia, MN. Learn more here!

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Gorgeous header photo courtesy Max Haynes, Event Photographer.